GoD Factory: Wingmen is a triumphant return for the space combat genre.  Team based, 4 versus 4 combat between opposing space fleets.  If that’s not enough, you can build and improve your own ships as you tear apart the enemy carrier piece by piece.  Then play it all in VR with your Oculus Rift.

There was a time when you didn’t have to look far to find a way to battle in space (fans of TIE Fighter can attest to this), but in modern times the space fighting sim has become considerably more rare.  Nine Dots Canada is hoping to make space war just a little more common by introducing GoD Factory: Wingmen, a modern take on the genre that pits teams of 4 against each other to take out the opposing team’s capital ship.  It’s an exciting idea with a lot of potential, and so far it looks to be shaping up wonderfully.

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s carrier, a massive 13km-long capital ship that holds a variety of sensor arrays and weapons platforms, before they can take out your own.  The hook is that the carrier has many, many pieces that can be taken down, and taking out pieces in an order that does the most damage is where strategy enters the picture.  For example, taking out the carrier’s radar reduces it’s detection range and the range of it’s deadly auto turrets.  Teamwork is of the utmost importance; Avoiding enemy fire and winning the game requires players to chain their abilities and work together.

Depending on a player’s performance during a game, they’ll be rewarded with a varying number of credits to buy new parts and upgrade their ships.  According to Nine Dots, GoD Factory features over 1000 parts with which to customize your ships – ranging from attack power to armor to special abilities such as transportation – with highly customizable color options.  Moreover, every match each player will bring in two separate gunships that are shared among every member of the team, giving a wealth of tactical options.

Finally, there’s 4 different races to play, each with different stats, abilities, and ship parts;  The ruthless Humans, the wise Guantris, the gigantic Chorions and the unnatural Ar. They each have unique ship designs, both visually and gameplay-wise. Players choose and start with two of those species and can unlock the other two during the course of their career.


Q & A

Slimgamer recently exchanged a few emails with the team, and they answered a few questions for us.

First of all, thanks for answering our questions. For starters, can you tell us a few words about your project?

GoD Factory: Wingmen is competitive space combat game in which the goal is to destroy the enemy’s carrier ship while defending your own.

Why did you decide to start a campaign on a crowdfunding platform? Why Kickstarter?

We’ve been working for over a year full time with no salary on GoD Factory. We gave everything we have and now we need a little help to bring the game to completion. Crowdfunding is the best way to keep control over what we are doing. A publisher could request that we implement “Pay-to-Win” in our game, or to make it simpler and more accessible to an audience we aren’t part of. Kickstarter has the most traffic and it’s the only reason why we chose them over other websites.

What Advantage/uniqueness you are bringing to the table?

The amount of customization options is beyond what any other space combat game has to offer. The player truly has a sense of expressiveness in how they assemble their ships. Cooperation is also a very important aspect of the game, making the best use from playing with others online.

Is this the your first game?  Is this the first Kickstarter project?

We worked on another game before, called Brand. It was our project pilot, a 2.5D platformer in which the goal is to empower a sword until it is fit for a king.

What kind of rewards did you come up with? What would be your advice to others regarding the rewards?

We did only digital rewards, like cosmetic items, unique opportunities to work with us to design new components of the game, access to future DLC, etc.  My advice is to stray away from physical merchandise. While it may attract some backers, they take away your time from development and the shipping costs means that it dilutes a lot the funds you raise.

What would be your advice regarding creating a project on Kickstarter in general?

Everything about your project should be ready many weeks in advance, then wait for the right timing.

What did you do to promote your Kickstarter campaign?

We’re reaching out to the gaming press, to Youtubers, and to streamers to have them try the preview build of our game.

Please share some details about your company ,staff , and history.

Our motto is “We treat developers like human beings and video games like art rather than toys.”  We avoid as much as possible the bad management practices that taint the video game industry, and so far this led to a highly productive team of developers who can make a polished game on a shoestring budget. Imagine what we could achieve with funds!

Please tell us something which isn’t written in your project page which worth mentioning.

The title GoD Factory actually means something. In the lore of our universe, a GoD Factory is a technology that allows to create carbon based matter, effectively turning around the Lavoisier Principle that says: “Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. Carbon can be used to make either Graphene or Diamonds, or GoD for short.


Looking Toward the Future

The team at Nine Dots Canada has big plans for the future of GoD Factory.  Firstly, they’re planning to add support for the Oculus Rift and joysticks, turning the game into a full-on VR flight sim.  They are also planning a release for Windows, Mac, and Linux with full cross platform support so you can play with your friends regardless of their platform of choice.  As good as the graphics look, they’re aiming to have it run on as many systems as possible and have had promising results running the game on 5 year old laptops.

The release, if their Kickstarter goes well, is currently estimated to be March of 2014.

The Best Part

We saved the best part for last; You can play GoD Factory: Wingmen right now.  Head to their Kickstarter page to find a download link for the beta.  Matches are scheduled daily at 9am-noon and 5pm-9pm EST, and any contribution of $15 or more towards their goal ensures lifetime access to both the beta and the final release.

Kickstarter has been home to some absolutely incredible projects, and GoD Factory: Wingmen is among the best we’ve seen.  There’s a ton of potential here and it would be a shame not to be a part of it.