It’s Humble Bundle time again! The minds behind the Humble Indie Bundle are back at it again, and today’s bundle is a doozy. The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 just went live, and it’s bringing an Android game to the masses that gamers have been itching to get their hands on… Star Command!
star command
The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 brings 4 awesome games to the table with Star Command, Time Surfer, Punch Quest, and Bloons TD 5. Punch Quest has been out for a bit as has Bloons TD 5, but both are excellent, highly rated games. Time Surfer is a colorful endless runner from Kumobius that allows you to rewind time as you speed through the galaxy, and I don’t think Star Command needs any introduction. If you haven’t heard of Star Command, I’ll just say it’s a space-based simulator that lets you manage your own ship and crew. It’s a bit retro, and a total blast if you dig sims. you’re not familiar with how the Humble Mobile Bundle works, here’s the skinny. You pay any price you’d like to receive the four games we’ve mentioned above, and part of the proceeds go to charity. You even get to pick the split yourself, so you can actually see what percentage of your donation goes where. There’s a catch or course, but it’s a good one this time around. If you pay “over” the average bundle price, you get even more games! At the time of this writing,  The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 has an average price of $4.64, so if you pay anything over that amount you’ll also get to snag Ravensword: Shadowlands and Carmageddon. Excited yet?
The Humble Bundles are always a good deal, and while they do pull the occasional repeat, the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 is definitely something you’ll want to pick up if you’re an Android gamer. Sorry iOS users, you can blame Apple for being left out in the cold. If you’re ready to get your bundle on, just hit up the link below to pick up the Humble Mobile Bundle 2.

Humble Mobile Bundle 2