Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Most of you are likely wondering what the MobileLite device is. Well, the MobileLite Wireless is a wireless USB/SD/Smartphone and tablet reader which allows you to stream your data across a wireless network for up to three devices to help free up valuable space. This means that you can connect your phone to the wireless network transmitted by the MobileLite Wireless, and access the data device that you have inserted in the hard drive. In order to access this you must have your SD card or USB stick plugged into the MobileLite. Also, a bonus feature that is extremely useful is the portable charger feature. This allows you to connect your phone via USB and have it charging on the go.



My first impression on handling the device was that it felt very light but also very durable. The sizing of the device is perfect; it’s small but not small enough to lose and it would be very easy to store. The design is sleek and really smooth which makes it easy to handle.



Configuring the device was not as complicated as I expected.  The first step was to download an app from the “Play Store” or the “App Store” – depending on which device you have. For me, I used the “Play Store” as I first configured this on my HTC Desire X. What made the set-up so easy was the fact that Kingston put very basic, detailed instructions at the start of the app which made things a lot easier. I had it set-up within five minutes.


Using your device

Using the MobileLite is pretty simple. Once you boot up the app, it tells you how to do everything. After being told how to configure it and your phone, a USB drive or SD card is connected and you will see all your content on screen. To manage all this content, you can click on the edit button on the top to be given an option to delete items. I decided to test out the speed by transferring music from my phone to a USB drive. I was impressed to say the least; it transferred over very quickly and smoothly. I ended up putting all of my phone’s music onto the USB stick, which I use in the car connected to my radio. My phone was running low on battery so I decided I would try out the charger feature. Although it charged my phone, it didn’t charge it fully and I found it was slower than I expected but I was still impressed that I could do it without having to stand in the one spot for a period of time.

The next thing that I checked was how far you could go from the MobileLite and still have a wireless signal. To test this, I placed the device on my kitchen table and walked to the other end of my house;  the signal dropped after about 30-40 feet. I was impressed as I thought that, from such a small device, it would drop after 25 feet. The security can be changed to use a WPA2 security code if you so desire it. It also has a share feature which allows you to upload photos to Facebook or Twitter from the MobileLite app. You can also File Share from iTunes via your MobileLite if you use an Apple device.



Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Kingston. They created a device that is incredibly handy and that many people should use for close range file sharing. I know that this will be useful for college and anywhere else that I need it as it is portable and will slip straight into any bag. The charger feature is very handy – especially for someone who has a phone with a not-so-great battery. For a retail price of £50.00, you really can’t go wrong. You get a device that – once you have it – you won’t be able to live without. It also comes with a one-year warranty and free technical support. Honestly, where could you go wrong? I couldn’t recommend it more.