Drop is a Female Power Fantasy game with graphics to die for. Although, you can’t die. Made out of love for a baby daughter, the game has such a child-friendly story, death is out of the question. Instead, when you fail, your characters simply escape the situation through cooperation.

Heemskerk Illustration is the freelance art company of Bryan Heemskerk, concept artist, animator, and game designer. He feels that playing action platforms with multiple lives take you out of the atmosphere of the game every time a character dies, creating a paradox that’s inconsistent with the game design and story.

Instead, Drop is a game with an easy to grasp flow set in a post-disaster adventure world where a young girl named Tay is battling to find her parents. In this world the powers-that-be are steeling all digitized information with battleships you will have to combat. Fortunately, Tay’s parents had build her a robotic guardian and powered bracers to protect her.

The game-design of Drop has already proven to trigger the aimed for jaw-dropping effect on its target group. Two weeks before the launch of Kickstarter Canada, Heemskerk was at Fan Expo, a huge convention in downtown Toronto, to promote Drop to its estimated 80,000 visitors. On the second day he noticed a little girl watching the Drop trailer, with a look of pure awe on her face. ‘It was the same look I had on my face the first time I played Mega Man and Mega Man X.’ Check out that same trailer below.

In a sense Brian Heemskerk may have already reached his goal. Having worked on many mobile and social games such as Super Snack Time, Stick Wars 1-3 and The Great Zoo Escape, all he really wanted to do is create something that would make his daughter, one day, feel the same as he did when playing Megaman for the first time. Just like the girl at Fan Expo. ‘I am really just one guy trying to make this game for his daughter.’

The inspiration for the game literally came the day Heemskerk’s daughter was born. That day he did a quick sketch of how he envisioned his daughter to be a few years down the road. Giving her the guardian robot, it developed into the story of Tay.

What makes the game unique? According to its creator, the game will have a more ‘united’ game experience than you would see in similar games, bringing cohesiveness of gameplay and storyline. For one, because you can travel through levels without dying. Your decent, the actual ‘drop’, towards the airship in a rail shooter stage determines the check points in the levels. The damage that you do to the ship creates structural weaknesses which you can use to enter as well as escape from the level. And, to empower your gaming, there will be a character swapping mechanic enabling you to pick whichever character you feel most suitable for each level, and use their unique abilities to access secret areas.

The Drop game is Heemskerk’s first personal Kickstarter campaign. He has some experience with campaigning however, while creating all the art assets and animations for The Great Zoo Escape Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded for $8000.

As for the rewards, Heemskerk based his pledge packages on fond childhood memories. The excitement of buying a new game and opening it for the first time, the smell and the feel of the physical brand new manual. Hence the rewards are related to pre-purchasing the game, including an art process book and manual. For some of the higher end rewards you can help create part of the game. Or opt for the reward where you “Become a Fascist Dictator”.

* The game is an escape game and it should be out on IOS and Android around December 2014. It’s being made by 5 people; the artist, programmer, sound designer, and two composers. To finalize the game, Heemskerk Illustration is asking for 85,000 Canadian dollars through Kickstarter. On the day of publishing it has raised $3,419 CAD and will be running until October 9, 2013.