Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Dragon Eternity is an exciting, innovating, new game from Game Insight sure to provide hours of in depth game play.  In this massive multi-player role playing game you find yourself in complete control of game play from character creation to combat centered quests. Dragon Eternity will be playable simultaneously across iOS, Android, and HTML platforms, but I exclusively reviews it on the iOS. In this game, Dragon Eternity has really focused in on what can make a massively multiplayer successful for an iPad platform without over extending what has often becoming the standard niche for games in this genre.


Dragon Eternity very wisely takes a 2D approach to a genre that as of late has been monopolized by a 3d interface. While at first glance one would think this would take away from the game play that the genre is centered around, I found that this 2D approach really worked out flawlessly for the iPad platform and made controls smooth and seamless. 3D games for the iPad often leave me hectically scrambling at a loss of control, but with Dragon Eternity, I found it reminiscent of some of the original Final Fantasy game play that made the franchise so popular. In Dragon Eternity players are tasked to follow multiple quests as they make their way through a fairly large and dynamic world. Players can interact with multiple NPC’s in order to gain information as well as new tasks to their availability. While this interaction is presented in the form of text the player must read, I found all of the dialogue to be engaging and very well written. As I interacted with more and more NPC’s I found an ever increasing array of tasks and missions I could engage in.


Combat pleasantly unfolded in a turn based manner. During battles players have the option of attacking, using items, casting spells, or selecting a particular stance for their turn.  Stances provide different bonuses for the following turn and can provide bonuses such as increased attack or defense for the following sequence.


Throughout game players are giving the ability to chat with nearby player or assemble groups for discussion. As well, assembling at least ten players opens up the ability to coordinate raids and other functions.  Objectives can be coordinated and other players can be assisted with their more difficult battles through this function.  Most competitive battle against other players takes place in the battleground facility which sets up battles between players and teams of similar levels.

I can definitely, highly recommend Dragon Eternity to any gamer looking for an engaging MMORPG designed for the iPad platform. While iPad has its limits as to the scale a game of this nature can be done, Dragon Eternity maximizes immersion and game play on multiple levels ,and provides a game that will provide unlimited hours of engaging play.