And yet this game already has quite a fan-base and is receiving a lot of exciting reviews. That would also be what Ryan Vandendyck – founder of the Canadian Eden Industries, developers of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Punch-Out!! and more – would advise other Kickstarter projects. ‘My advice in general would be try to gain support from fans and communities before launching the Kickstarter.’

In a nutshell, Citizens of Earth is a modern twist on the classic JRPG that places you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World. A classic politician, he’s charming, charismatic…but practically very useless!

Role-playing the VP, who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, you recruit regular citizens like the Homeless Guy, the Baker, School Teacher or perhaps even Your Mom to fight your battles for you. It’s a mix of Earthbound and Pokemon in a grassroots movement where not the heroes but everyday citizens band together to save the day.

That’s pretty unique. But not all. Each Citizen you recruit has a regular day-job that he or she returns to when not in your active party, which actually benefits you. After all, they’re running stores where you can buy new items and equipment, providing you access to new environments, quests, and other content. As you level them up, you take control of almost every aspect of the world, growing stronger while diving deep into the game’s content.

Surprisingly so – you don’t have to. The game is constructed in such a way that you won’t be at a disadvantage if you never change equipment or explore. Eden Industries has placed the emphasis on streamlining game-play. The entire equipment system is based around new strategic choices rather than simple numerical increments. So you can also customize every Citizen’s stat growth based on who else is in your party; there are tons of hidden characters; secret environments; and more. ‘You can engage the game on the level you’re interested in, whether you want to find everything or enjoy a light-hearted romp through a fun world, or anything in between.’

The game promises a huge amount of non-linear exploration and a ton of characters to unlock, all in a fresh cartoon style – purposely poking fun at the modern Western world – have a look below. A lot of work and reason why Eden Industries started their Kickstarter campaign even though the game already exists. They have been working on it for a year. “While developing the game we realized that the amount of content, specifically art-assets, required to make the game was more than we were able to afford.’



Eden Industries are likely to know what they’re talking about, they’ve pulled it of before. The indie company (‘Garden of Indie’) was founded in 2010 while working on their first game, Waveform. Released on Steam in 2012, Waveform received quite a bit of critical acclaim, an 81 on Metacritic, and the game was a finalist in four categories in the 2013 Canadian Videogame Awards.

The team – a mix of ex-mainstream industry developers and local indie talent – obviously has full faith in this new game. All of them have agreed to donate their time and efforts to make a great game while keeping the budget as low as possible.

Meanwhile they are offering rewards that allow backers to get involved with the game at nearly every level. With smaller contributions backers get access to the game and related content like the soundtrack, an art book (encyclopedia), and new game content. At higher levels, backers can directly impact the game by designing levels, characters, and more.

*Through the Kickstarter campaign they are asking 100,000 Canadian dollars, the bulk of which will be used for character and environment art. At the time of writing they have collected $9,153 CAD and their deadline is Sunday October 20, 2013.