Skunkwerks Kinetic is a Canadian indie gaming company based in Vancouver where everyone, from modelers to programmers to writers, has a say in the final product. Together they created one of the few online multiplayer games for the iPad where up to 16 players can join in. 

MEG: RVO is Skunkwerks Kinetic’s first Kickstarter project. In fact, it’s their first game. ‘But the founders all have extensive experience in software development’ says Ian Jardine, CEO and Founder of Skunkwerks Kinetic. Created by the founders of Skunkwerks Software, in conjunction with a newly-formed creative team. “Our company is made up of diverse professional backgrounds and different levels of gaming experience..”

Their pre-rendered video does show they’ve put a lot of effort into their visual content. Check out the graphics below.



The MEG: RVO game combines action and strategy in a video game universe where Slate  Kinetic, a sinister corporate entity, is training remote vehicle operators (RVOs) – that would be you –  for a top-secret project involved with the collection of resources from alternate worlds.

The game offers a wide variety of action and strategy exercises. From constructing tactical defences with the MEG, a robotic support unit; To operating Rigs, futuristic combat vehicles, customizing them with different weapons and defensive systems; To controlling territory by capturing strategic points and securing them against opposing players and enemy AI. And, by earning SKN, Slate company currency, you can enhance your profile and access new environments and better equipment.

Even their motivation to bring their game to Kickstarter is based on cooperation. ‘We know the importance of building a community of users’. No matter how large or small your contribution is, those who pledge to back their game are invited to their ‘private beta testing group’, to provide input to their developers and designers.

You need to give your backers value for their money, and avoid getting greedy.’ When Kickstarter came to to Canada, they jumped to the chance. Hoping to garner interest by offering ‘more than just a sticker’. Offering a mix of physical and digital rewards, ranging from t-shirts and badges to in-game weapons, and even the ability to name items within the game universe.

What makes their game worth funding? According to them it’s the uniqueness of playing large online multiplayer matches on your iPad, which results in an intense and addictive gaming  experience.

Your Kickstarter pledges to this project will primarily go towards to expanding the game’s universe. To create a new Challenge-Zone-Map. The map would be a new “level” at a larger scale. We plan to release additional content monthly, and grow the game along with our user base

*The MEG:RVO game has already received backing from the Canada Media Fund, NRC-IRAP, private investors and its developers. With Kickstarter they aim to raise another $3,500.00  The campaign had raised $253.00 at the time of writing and runs until November 9, 2013.

Walkthrough of the game