For those of you who have enjoyed the meticulous attention to artful detail in games such as Okami, Ico, and Braid, there is a new game on the horizon that if successfully funded, appears to be a beautiful example of artful game design.  This game design and structure is based off of real life experiences. Which, while more challenging, seams to create more thoughtful and meaningful design? It’s a personal story told metaphorically through its game play and visual aesthetics.


When speaking with Eric Blomquist, one of the games creators, I asked him what he felt really set this game apart from others. According to Eric, “Our goal is to not just make a game, but to create a positive communication to those who struggle with anxiety and depression, as well as bring awareness to those who never experienced it for themselves. Bliss relies on non-violent, empathetic solutions to each of the games challenges. Even in situations where a creature or the environment is hostile towards the player, we want to make a game that has an emotional educational value while being fun and cool to explore.”


Looking at the games initial graphics based off of its alpha build, when completed, Bliss could truly be a game of beauty. With loose talks of a 2014 release, with proper funding it could just be around the corner. Currently, Bliss’ production team is in talks to publish the game on a Sony console first, then to PC. Hopefully just after the holiday season, gaming can truly be Bliss.