It’s a New Year, and after the success of Call of Duty: Black Ops comes even more speculation about the next installment in the franchise. What we already know is that it’s being developed by Sledgehammer Games, a company formed in 2009 by Glen A. Schofield and Michael Condrey (of Dead Space fame). The company has no games to its name and frankly, to start off your company’s portfolio with a Call of Duty game could be disastrous if it all goes wrong.

So what do we know? To be honest, not much; Thanks to the medium of Twitter we’ve been informed by Glen Schofield that they’re ‘Working w/ military guys – their stories will blow you away. Names/ locations will change but some situations going in the game – real stuff!’ But to be honest this revelation is hardly groundbreaking, numerous developers have interviewed combat veterans to make the gaming experience more realistic, Medal of Honor is just one example.

So with so little known of the game, a lot of rumours and speculation has arisen, here’s two of the biggest:

1.       It’ll be set in Space: Given the Sledgehammer founders history with Dead Space it would be unsurprising if the next game was either set in space or involved space warfare in some form or other. This way they could use the stories they’ve got through interviews and change to location to…well…somewhere out there in the deep void. This rumour is further fueled by the fact that Activision has registered a number of domain names including Future Warfare, Advanced Warfare, Secret Warfare and Space Warfare among many others. Either it’s a clever ruse or its a massive-wet-fish-to-the-face-style hint.

2.       It’ll be set in the distant future: If we accept that it’ll be set in space then it’s inevitable that it’ll be set in the future (Terminator Judgment Day future, not next-week future). Therefore the story will most likely revolve around how a great Communist threat in the East made up of Russia, China, North Korea (the usual suspects) attacks a European Federation and how it’s up to America to save the day by destroying a massive satellite laser that the Russians are going to use to destroy the WORLD!….I’m being serious that could actually be the storyline.

So until we know more, submit your ideas on what the storyline could be in the comments. The best idea gets 20 respect points (respect points do not carry any monetary value, just value of awesome).