Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was a big deal back in the hay day of the Nintendo 64.  Since then, the series hasn’t seen much action barring a poorly received PS2/Gamecube/Xbox sequel and an Xbox 360/Ps3 remake that few if any people even knew existed.  But what if we told you that there were plans to take Turok and turn it back into a franchise, giving the 2008 remake a sequel of it’s own?  At one point, this was planned and got far enough along in development to produce some screenshots and some really, really interesting concept art.  Behold all that remains of Turok 2.

First, take a look at the gallery of concept art that has recently been unearthed:

As you can see, we’ve got some pretty cool weapon designs, and then some incredibly cool armor designs alongside very fearsome looking dinosaurs.  My personal favourite, however, is the very last image: a cool picture of Turok about to go to town on some poor reptile.  It looks like the developers had a good idea of exactly where they wanted to go with the game, and I like the vision they had.

Next, we’ve found some screenshots that were presumably from a running build of the game:

screen4 screen3 screen2 screen1

These, unfortunately, look less cool than the concept art.  The dinosaur are still great, but when you see the colour palette you begin to understand why many shooters have been categorized as “brown”.  I was hoping for more lush jungles and dense foliage and a little less for something that looks like it came straight from Rage.  However, take a look at this video of a dinosaur wrecking things and tell me you don’t want to play this:


Next up, we have a render of an assault rifle and some amazingly cool real-life models based on the concept art from above:

model3 model2model

Finally, the last assets leaked were cover prototypes, showing 3 possible covers for the retail version of the game.


Alas, this is likely all we’ll ever know about Turok 2, as the developer (Propaganda Games) was closed in early 2011.  Judging merely from the artwork and screenshots presented here, it looks like Turok 2 had the potential to be an interesting shooter that was a change of pace from the modern military aesthetic that became so popular this generation.  This is an another example of a game that could have been, and just another example of countless games that have been cancelled before release.