River City Ransom is an NES classic that a lot of gamers enjoyed growing up. It wasn’t Double Dragon, but it was pretty river city ransom undergrounddamned cool and had a wicked sense of humor. Since the English version was released in the late 80s, several developers have attempted to make a sequel, but those projects were put off for various reasons. If you’re a River City Ransom fan, there’s a new Kickstarter project you’re going to want to check out, and it goes by the name of River City Ransom: Underground

River City Ransom: Underground is Conatus Creative’s attempt to bring the popular fighting franchise back to life via Kickstarter, and it’s shaping up to be a beat ‘em up that stays true to the original. The story behind River City Ransom: Underground brings Alex & Ryan back, but it’s 25 years later and they’ve gone from kicking ass to running an auto shop in River City. Needless to say, a disaster of sorts hits the town and the boys are called back into the fray to set things right one punch at a time. It’s obvious the developers are BIG fans of the original which is a must if you’re going to tackle a classic like River City Ransom.

river city ransom underground

A lot of Kickstarter projects set the bar too high by trying to hit every platform at launch, and we’re happy to say that’s not going to be an issue with River City Ransom: Underground. The game is set to be released on the PC next year and has a goal of $180,000; if they can hit their only stretch-goal of $280,000 you’ll be able to get the game on PlayStation 4 and Vita. Other platforms may follow down the line, but for now they are concentrating on getting a solid game out on one platform instead of stretching themselves thin. Did we mention Underground has local co-op and online peer-to-peer multiplayer? Are you getting excited yet?

river city ransom underground

The River City Ransom: Underground project has only been live since September 9, and they’ve already managed to raise around $54,000 with 25 days left to go. It’s pretty safe to say people are excited about the game, and you can see why after looking at the screenshots and video. There is still plenty of cool swag left to snag if you decide to back the project as well including posters, customized NPC’s, or having yourself made into an 8-bit demi-boss in one of the gangs. It’s a game definitely worthy of some funding, and if you’re interesting in helping to bring  Conatus Creative’s River City Ransom: Underground to life, just hit up the link below.

River City Ransom: Underground Kickstarter