Rosewill is certainly no stranger to PC cases, being a major player in both the high-end and budget level markets.  Their latest offering is the Galaxy series, a set of PC cases that offer high-end stylings with a very consumer friendly pricepoint.  Retailing at only $49.99, each of the Galaxy cases offers enormous value and are excellent entry-level products.

We were given the Galaxy-01 to review, and the first thing we noticed is how sleek it is.  The case features very angular mouldings, with arrow-shaped detailing on the front panel and top.  It’s definitely a sharp looking piece of kit, and we appreciate that it tends more towards the subtle side and not the garish, attention drawing stylings commonly associated with gaming cases.  It’s nice looking but doesn’t draw undue attention towards itself; It’s a very adult looking case.

While the Galaxy-01 may not be particularly large by PC case standards, the inside is surprisingly roomy with little to get in the way once you open it up.  This is great, because the case is able to hold a lot of hardware.  Coming equipped with 1 external 3.5” bay, 1 internal 2.5” bay, 3 external 5.25” bays, 4 internal 3.5” bays, and room for 7 expansion slots, the Galaxy-01 is more than capable of holding exactly what you need.  In terms of USB ports, there are two front mounted USB 2.0 ports and a top mounted USB 3.0 port.  The placement of the USB 3.0 port can be a little iffy depending on your setup;  I keep my PC on the ground which makes the placement of the high speed port very convenient, but it would be considerably less useful if your PC were sitting beside the monitor on your desk.  This placement can be either good or bad depending on your preference of PC location and is worth keeping in mind.

Rosewill Galaxy 01 PC Case Review photo

The Galaxy-01 provides plenty of space to work with.

As for cooling, the Galaxy-01 comes equipped with three 120mm fans: a top fan, a rear fan , and a front mounted blue LED fan.  This is pretty standard as far as cooling goes with the best feature being that the bottom grill is covered by a removable dust cover, a very handy feature for when the power supply inevitably draws in every spec of dust in the room.  There is also the option to install a fourth fan on the side.  The case has a side grill, mounting points, and power cable for the optional fan.

As far as construction goes, the Galaxy-01 is built out of steel and feels very sturdy.  The side panels do feel a little flimsy and will bend in a little if a bit of force is applied, but it’s hard to find a PC case (any case) where this doesn’t happen.  This case is also incredibly light, weighing in at a hair more than 10 pounds.  The only thing lacking is that the Galaxy-01 doesn’t feature any frills or add-ons, but in this circumstance I don’t consider that to be a bad thing.  For the most part these are features that only a high-end user will appreciate, and the Galaxy-01 is all about being simple and approachable.  There are no fancy readouts or temperature controls, just a straight to the point PC case that does one job and does it well.

Rosewill Galaxy 01 PC Case Review photo

The angular designs on the front of the case showcase a simple, mature approach.

My only complaint is that this case is a little on the stiff side.  Removing the side panel for the first time took a lot more effort than it should have to the point where I thought there may have a been a defect in the manufacturing.  A smart move would be to slide the side panel on and off the chassis a few times since doing so seemed to loosen it and make getting into the case a lot easier.

Overall, the Rosewill Galaxy-01 is one of the best entry-level PC cases I’ve seen.  It takes a no nonsense approach to PC building and isn’t trying to be something it’s not.  The best part, however, is the price.  Coming in at only $49.99, the Galaxy-01 is an incredible value.  Without any fancy (but ultimately pointless) extras to drive up the price, the Galaxy-01 offers the best bang for your buck in it’s class.