Theatrhytm: Final Fantasy was a rhythm action game released for the Nintendo 3DS last year that was absolutely steeped in Final Fantasy nostalgia.  I absolutely loved it.  That’s why the radio silence on a sequel has been a little concerning.  The game didn’t do all that well in sales, and Square has been incredibly skittish when it comes to releasing games on the 3DS.  It seemed that a sequel just wasn’t in the cards, and other than a few months’ worth of DLC this subseries was as good as dead.  Lucky for us, Square-Enix isn’t content to just let it die.  Take a look at the image below, a scan from the Japanese magazine Jump, that confirms the existence of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call.


So what does this tell us?  Other than announcing the game, this article gives us a few hints as to what to expect.  Take a look on the right hand side, near the new logo.  Roughly translated, this reveals that Curtain Call will feature 200 total tracks.  The original Theatrhythm had only 70 tracks, with all the DLC bringing the total up to around 100 or so.  On the other side of the logo it says that there will 60 characters, another huge bump from the 24 featured in the original and the handful of extra characters included in the mobile release.  Finally, the article states that there will be an all new versus mode.  The artwork around the article seems to confirm some of the new characters, such as Zack from Final Fantasy VII.

What’s not clear is if this is a complete sequel, or something more akin to Dissidia Duodecim.  For those who aren’t familiar with Square-Enix’s brawler, the sequel contained the entire original game and add a brand new story and additional modes and characters.  It’s not clear if this will be the same thing, so 100 of the tracks may just be tracks from the first game while the second 100 tracks are brand new.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call is due out in Japan in Spring of 2014 exclusively for the 3DS.  There is currently no info on a western release.