An unknown vigilante infiltrates a top secret computer, accessing hundreds of files and records of high ranking officials. What will be done with this information is unknown at this time but the sensitive nature of the data collected is alarming. Officials are providing few comments on these actions but have indicated that his actions have not gone unnoticed and will be dealt with to the fullest extent the laws allow.

Sure, it sounds like the cover of a CNN article but this type of storyline is exactly the kind of plot the brilliant folks at Ubisoft were imagining when they began their development work on Watch Dogs back in 2009. Based around the concept of information warfare, the game centers around a highly skilled hacker named Aiden Pierce.  Multiple hacking methods are used by Aiden as he attempts to manipulate everything from ATM’s to traffic lights.


Online play will be particularly unique as players attempt to hack the main player. Using everything from compromised audio feeds to remote control of traffic light cameras, players will be free to utilize all resources to get a leg up on one another. This open ended approach will give players much more freedom in multi-player modes, taking advantage of their own ingenuity as well as their game play.

Set in an alternative version of Chicago, Ubisoft has gone to tremendous lengths to ensure the accuracy of each and every hack mission. They have even brought in the Russian anti-virus firm Kapersky to help with the project. Using Kapersky as a sounding board for ideas and concepts, Ubisoft has been able to ensure that Watch Dogs will be a truly realistic experience. If Kapersky says it’s possible, then it is a concept that may be included and, if not, adjustments have been made to ensure the most realistic game play as possible.


The game has been designed to compete with other open style games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. By adding an intricate weave of stealth, espionage, and even parkour running, Watch Dogs hopes to capture a big slice of that market.


The game will be released for both Xbox 360 – as well as PlayStation – and be made available on next generation platforms as well.  Pre-orders receive an exclusive investigation bonus, unlocking new investigation opportunities within the network as well as an ATM hack bonus to boost your cash rewards.  Watch Dogs is a game to definitely keep on your radar but, who knows, with Ubisoft’s unique approach to this game, maybe you are already on theirs.