Some new screenshots for Batman: Arkham Origins were released at Gamescom last week.

The screens show of some villains we’ve seen already like Deathstroke and Mad Hatter, as well as  some new faces in the series (like Firefly and Anarchy). While these villains have appeared in previous games as Riddles, this is their first time making an appearance as an enemy of Batman.

The screens also showcase the new Shock Gloves that Batman can utilize in his combos; let’s hope we get some new gadgets, too.

Check out the screens below. Batman: Arkham Origins comes to current gen. consoles October 25th, 2013.

bao_batmananarkyfaceoff bao_batmanmadhatterhold bao_gamescom_batman_and_firefly bao_gamescom_deathstroke100to1 bao_gamescom_fireflyflamethrower bao_gamescom_shockgloves