No, seriously, what is this?  Nintendo has just formally announced the Nintendo 2DS, a new version of the 3DS that plays all DS and 3DS games in 2D.  If this isn’t weird enough, Nintendo has ditched the clamshell design and gone for a flat, slate-like form factor while keeping the dual screens setup that their handheld is known for.  The controls, including circle pad and four face buttons, reside on either side of the top screen as opposed to the bottom screen.  Take a look:


Nintendo claims this is an entry level device and will be retailing for $129.99 in North America; it will be available on October 12th, 2013.  If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recognize that date as the day Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are released.  The system can still be put into sleep mode using a slider on the side, and WiFi controls have been moved to a software switch instead of the hardware switch as found on the Nintendo 3DS.

This isn’t exactly what you expected to hear about on Wednesday, was it?

Source: Eurogamer