Our phones are an essential part of our everyday lives now; just look on Facebook or Instagram and you can see people recording their lives with photos. As such, the quality of cameras has significantly increased on phones.

Since the iPhone is the most widely used phone on the market, it’s no surprise that someone would try and enhance the phone’s photo prowess even more. So along comes Olloclip with a myriad of attachments that can increase your photo-taking skills on an iPhone.

3-in-1 Lens


First up is the Olloclip 3-in-1 lens. This nifty little device attaches right onto the top of your iPhone 5 and gives you the effect of a fish eye lens, a wide angle lens, and a macro lens. These lenses are a small little attachment that fits into your pocket and adds some cool photo options.

The macro lens adds a 10X multiplier to your camera, allowing for some very cool up-and-close photos. Personally, I liked this lens over all of the others because it allowed for some interesting pictures.

photo 4photo 1

The wide angle lens is good if you need to extend the ends of your photos a bit, as it has a field of view that is almost double that of the normal iPhone so it’s useful when you need a wider shot.

photo 3

The fish eye lens, of course, adds a 180 degree fish eye effect which, when used properly, can produce some very cool photos.

Each of the three lenses work exactly as they are supposed to, and the attachment isn’t cumbersome at all. It comes with its own little carrying bag so you can just pull it out and snap it on whenever you need.

photo 2

In addition, the attachment is made of a very durable material and doesn’t seem like it would break or damage easily at all, as the description says

“The Olloclip uses precision ground glass multi-element optics for the lenses. The barrels are made from aircraft grade aluminum using a CNC machine and then anodized. The iPhone attachment is made from a soft plastic material that ensures a secure fit every time to the iPhone. “


I really enjoyed using the Olloclip lens as it opened up new possibilities for pictures that I could take and then easily share on Facebook and Instagram. The attachment fit right in my pocket and was a breeze to use. I should also point out that the lens works with any rear facing camera on an iPhone 5/4S/ and 4.

Quick-Flip Case

Next up is the Olloclip Quick-flip case, which is designed to work in conjunction with the lens. This plastic case goes with the iPhone 5 and has a section that flips to the side in order to attach the lens. While the flip feature is cool, the case itself doesn’t feel all that durable. While it will certainly protect your phone, I can’t say for sure that a phone would come out unscathed after dropping it with this case on it.



However, it does function just fine and has an attachment that goes on the bottom as well so you can attach a tripod or other photographic attachments to it. This would definitely be my favorite part of the quick-flip case as, again, it lets your iPhone become even more of a photographic device.

Final Thoughts


Between these two attachments, I found myself really impressed by the great photographic quality that my phone can have today. While I really enjoyed the 3-in-1 lens, I wasn’t totally impressed by the flip-case.The 3-in-1 lens is incredibly simple to use and can really add great effects and even a professional look to your photos, and the case gives you the ability to add on even more attachments.

Either way, these are two good attachments for anyone who likes to be a bit of a photographer with their phone, and it is definitely worth looking into them. Go ahead and visit the official Olloclip site for any additional information.