Homebrew is amazing.  Some very adventurous coders have taken it upon themselves to port Street Fighter 2 to the absolute last console you’d expect: Nintendo’s Virtual Boy.  Yes, the Virtual Boy, the black and red monstrosity that time forgot.  The developers have released a ROM into the wild but, unfortunately, no emulators are currently capable of running it.  To play this bad boy for yourself will require you to track down the mighty rare (and mighty expensive) FlashBoy Flash Cartridge.

All jokes aside, this is an incredible accomplishment from the homebrew scene.  Despite having only four characters and stages, Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting (as this version is known) plays remarkably smoothly and is probably the single best showcase of what the Virtual Boy was really capable of.  Capcom themselves probably couldn’t have made a better port.

Check out this video to see what I mean.


1543-street-fighter-ii-virtual-boy Street-Fighter-II-Virtual-Boy-Homebrew

Source: RetroCollect