Today is August 26th, and this is the day the next Professor Layton game is announced.  Sort of.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Take a look at the screenshots and video below.  It doesn’t much resemble the Layton you’re familiar with, does it?  Instead of the puzzle-solving, story driven adventure we’re used to, Layton 7 will give us some sort of full 3D, RPG/puzzle hybrid.  From the video we can see that the player will control multiple characters and just kind of walk around a city doing nothing in particular.  It all looks very weird, very different, and very much like a tech demo.  We’re told that Layton 7 will be making an appearance on 3DS, iOs, and Android.dQqV9nS W0rOEd5 ymLfVEA

Here’s the video: