Today came the unexpected announcement of the multiplayer mode for Batman: Arkham Origins.

Most games these days are coming shipped with some sort of online mode. I personally find it hard to purchase a game without some sort of replay ability. While the fan boys may whine, they have to keep in mind it’s OPTIONAL, adding content is always a good thing.

The multiplayer mode in primarily single player games like God Of War and The Last Of US was actually really enjoyable and if you haven’t tried them yet I highly recommend you do.

The trailer shows us the multiplayer mode 3 vs 3 vs 2, meaning players can either play as Batman or Robin, hunting their friends similar to the Predator Challenge Maps, or play as Joker’s or Bane’s henchmen, calling in the villains similar to the way you call in heroes in the Battlefront games.

Check out the trailer below. Batman: Arkham Origins comes to current gen consoles October 25th. Next gen release is also rumoured but nothing has officially been confirmed.