Xbox Music Pass

Microsoft announced a special treat for Xbox Music Pass subscribers today. Lots of updates have surfaced recently regarding the service, and now a web-based version is launching, giving users instant access to the millions of available songs directly through their web browser. Previously only available on Windows 8, Windows RT devices, Windows Phone, and Xbox 360, you will no longer be restricted by the medium you wish to use to access your favorite music.

If you are not currently a subscriber, there are trials available depending on the device, and – with Xbox 360 – an Xbox LIVE Gold membership is required. Those taking advantage of the free streaming will be limited to 10 hours per month after six months.

It is pretty clear that Microsoft is making a strong push to get their music service in the hands of their hardware users, and bringing it to the web is yet another attempt at becoming accessible. New features are coming to the service on Windows 8, and a fresh redesign of the Xbox Music interface is also on the way with the launch of Windows 8.1. These include a built-in search function, improved collection management, streaming radio stations, and enhanced playlists.

More updates and features are still being worked on for the web version, as well as the Xbox One version of the Xbox Music client. With 22 countries in line to receive access, this music service may start to chip away at other streaming music services and a certain fruit company’s music download giant.

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via Xbox Wire