There’s just something about a good old fashioned brawler title that really defines what gaming can be all about. Two competitors pitting their skills (or button mash abilities) against one another in a one on one battle really gets the blood flowing. Be it against the AI, an online foe or a straight up on the couch mash up with some buddies everyone loves the thrill of a fighter. This article will be letting you know what fighting titles are on the way so far but more precisely I’ll be talking about arcade type fighters, so no WWE, MMA or UFC titles will be involved.

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (February 15th 2011)


The first of our fighters on the horizon is Capcom’s latest title Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and is the first in the Marvel series to feature the same art direction that Street Fighter IV took when it left its 2D style behind. The clash between franchises will once again feature a unique storyline that manages to bring all the characters together and this time around it’s Doctor Doom (Fantastic 4 Villain) and Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Villain) that are the catalysts. The two join forces in an attempt to unite their respective universes so that they can in fact conquer both; nothing is ever that easy though as the merging of worlds unleashes a threat that could destroy both universes.

All characters featured in the game will have unique endings written by long time comic author Frank Tieri in an attempt to please the fans even more. The reason for replaying and using each character is clear from the get go and Marvel have said that they are working very closely with the developers to include things like dialogue quips and mid-match events between the company’s characters that reference past Marvel Comics storylines.

Aside from bringing some narrative dip to the metaphorical party the developers are promising more of the fast based solo and team play action that long term fans have come to expect. The game’s control scheme has also been altered from a ‘four button’ combo style to a ‘three button’ style that will, according to Capcom, ‘knock down the wall of complicated controls and open up the field of strategic fighting to all comers’. If this is the case and even more people can come to love the game I’d say the success of the title will be immense.

In addition to all this there is of course all the versus type match ups for offline local play and an online system featuring ‘License Cards’. These cards will track a player’s progress online and even how they fight, listing the positives and negatives of their fight style. Look out for the game on February 15th.

Mortal Kombat 9 (April 2011)


Ed Boon and the rest of development staff at NetherRealm Studios have put the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game behind them and now look forward to a darker, bloodier and bone cracking future with the return to roots Mortal Kombat 9. The rallying cry for this game so far is that it’s purely about the ‘fan service’, the developers want fans of the franchise to experience a no holds barred all action affair that takes them back to the days of old. The story begins after the events of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, but then returns to the era in which the original games: Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3 occur. This happens due to a plot twist wherein Raiden obtains knowledge of the future therefore events of this time are slightly altered.

The game will take on the ‘2.5’ visual dynamic meaning the 3D character models will be playable on a 2D battlefield keeping it in tune with traditional fighters while retaining high visual fidelity. In addition to the traditional arcade mode for each character the developers have now added in a ‘tag team’ mode as well as ‘Challenge Tower’ featuring various tasks and obstacles that players must overcome to earn in game currency. Aside from the single player additions there is a rather robust online offering that includes a ‘King of the Hill’ type that lets 8 players enter a lobby while spectating and competing to rank 1st in a mini tournament.

Some other additions and tweaks to gameplay include a ‘Special Meter’ that will charge based on various actions performed in battle, upon filling the bar (which charged to three levels) it will either enhance a special attack, interrupt a combo, or cause the attacker to perform a super combo called an X-ray move. The X-ray moves are a sweet addition that gives a close up on the internal organs and bones of the defending character and lets you see how they get broken or ruptured.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (In Arcades 2011, Consoles TBA)


The original Tekken Tag Tournament released in late 2000 on the PS2 after receiving great success with the arcade version, it was also the only game in the series to feature the titular ‘tag’ aspect despite it not being a canonical entry to the franchise. That’s set to change now however with the sequel set to hit arcades later this year and with a console version planned it’s hard not to get excited for the return.

Little is actually known about the title but game producer Katsuhiro Harada hinted at the World Cyber Games 2010 that the upcoming console version might feature additional console-exclusive returning characters and bonus gameplay modes. Characters already confirmed are the entire cast of Tekken 6 would be returning as playable characters and the actual gameplay will be an extension on what’s already been laid down.

Tekken x Street Fighter and Street Fighter x Tekken (TBA)


Tipped at San Diego Comic Con 2010, producers from both series have said that there are two projects in development by each franchise’s respective studio. Street Fighter x Tekken will be handled by Capcom and will be a 2D fighter whereas Tekken x Street Fighter will be taken on by Namco featuring a 2.5D style.

What makes these games at the very least interesting (not to mention the huge mash up of characters here) is the chance to see the characters of each game transformed to match the look and feel of the other. There really isn’t any more information to go on apart from the fact that the Namco developed game will release sometime after the Capcom one does.

That about wraps it up for now, what brawler are you itching to get your hands on?