Nintendo has never really done DLC, much less expansion packs.  This is uncharted territory for Nintendo but, if New Super Luigi U is a sign of how they’re going to do it, then I welcome Nintendo’s future expansion packs with open arms.  Nintendo has created what is essentially an entirely new game based off of New Super Mario Bros. U and, if 2D platformers are your thing, then you’re going to love it.

Even though they had the entire first world on display at E3, I only had time to play one level.  I started by looking around the world map and, from what I saw, everything was exactly the same.  Luigi is going to be travelling the same path as his brother and visit the same worlds with the same themes.  That’s okay, though, because once you actually begin a level, you see that it’s entirely different.  The level I played was 1-1 and, visually, it looked very similar to World 1-1 in NSMBU.  It started under a giant New Super Luigi U sign (featuring an 8-bit rendition of our favourite green brother) and continued onto the moving cliffs and flying Waddlewings that we know so well.  Like I said, though, the entire level layout was different and provided a new experience.

Also different is Luigi’s handling.  He handles very much like he did in the original Super Mario Bros. 2 (the US version, at least).  Luigi can jump slightly higher than Mario (or, at least, it seemed like he did) but was also a lot more slippery and seemed to slide around a lot, just like we remember.  Interestingly, Luigi could actually float in the air by flailing his legs, as well as being able to perform the same aerial spin jump that Mario could do.  In addition to Luigi’s jumps feeling floatier than Mario’s, New Super Luigi U seems like it’s going to focus a lot more on aerial play and quickly bounding through levels than the original NSMBU.

Nothing about New Super Luigi U is unexpected.  It plays exactly like a New Super Mario Bros. game starring Luigi, which is great because it is a New Super Mario Bros. game starring Luigi.  If you’re already burnt out on the 2D Mario formula, then this game may not excite you much but, if you love 2D platformers as much as much as I do, this isn’t a game you want to miss.