The Playstation Vita is one system that’s been sorely lacking in software since its launch. With only a handful of worthwhile titles, the Vita desperately needs a great game. Tearaway may be just that game the Vita needs. Made by Media Molecule, Tearaway is a beautiful little game that uses the Vita in fascinating ways that I haven’t seen with another game yet.

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Tearaway is a game that makes you realize just how much fun the Vita can really be. The demo starts by asking you a series of questions, like presenting you with three colors and asking which is closer to your eye color; although, from the bit that I played, I’m unsure what the purpose of these questions really was. At any rate, after answering a few questions, you get to choose whether your delivery person is a boy or a girl.

Tearaway is centered around helping this character deliver their message to where it’s needed, and you use your god-like powers to reach into their world and help guide them on their way.



This includes doing things like using the touch screen to open boxes for them, and using it to tear things out of their way. Additionally, you use the back touch screen to push up into their world; in one memorable sequence, you touch the back and – wherever you touch – your fingers burst through into the world, effectively clearing a path for your messenger.

You also have to use the back touch screen to pound drums that propel your messenger upward, adding some fun platforming into the mix. The game also uses the front camera, causing your face or eye to appear in the giant sun above the world. All of this adds to the idea of the player being some godly entity using his or her powers to aid the messenger.

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Besides the fun and interesting game play, Tearaway is drop-dead gorgeous. The entire world is done in an imaginative paper theme  that has a wonderful atmosphere, and it’s just a nice change of pace from all the browns and greys that you see in today’s video games.

Tearaway wasn’t a game I had much interest in going into E3, and I’ve almost all but given up on having a host of good games on Vita. However, Tearaway is the only game that I’ve played on the Vita that feels like it’s really using everything the system can offer – both graphically and touch-screen wise. I had a great time playing the demo, and it was a refreshing moment amid all of the explosions and action of the new next-gen consoles.

Tearaway may be just the game that the Playstation Vita needs to give it a secure footing and propel it forward. For more information on Tearaway, visit the official site. The game launches October 22nd, 2013, exclusively on Playstation Vita.