With the unveiling of the two next-gen monstrosities that are the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, how does Nintendo stop itself from being totally overlooked at this year’s E3? With sales of the Wii U not going very well and the looming threat of new competitor consoles this is a very important time for Nintendo. As such it stands to reason that they don’t take a traditional approach to E3.

Opting out of a big flashy press conference this year, Nintendo is choosing to instead do a lower key Software focused Nintendo-Direct the day that E3 opens. This feels like the right choice here for Nintendo, with the big hardware that the other companies will be showing off, this is really the time for Nintendo to bring out the games and give us those franchises that we’ve all loved for so many years.

Since its launch, the Wii U has been severely lacking on games especially first party ones. The 3DS is still going strong and is getting better games than ever-with the likes of- Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Nintendo needs to show high support is still going to remain for the 3DS, but that it’s also coming for the Wii U.


Luckily, this seems to be what’s going to happen at E3. Nintendo already said that we’d be seeing a brand new 3D Mario as well as a new Mario Kart game at E3. Add that in with the HD remake of Wind Waker, and the announcement of a trailer for the new Super Smash Bros. game and just with that alone you have one hell of a show regardless of if they show anything else off or not.


How To Tune In

Make sure to visit Nintendo’s official E3 site for more information, and tune in for their Nintendo Direct Live stream which begins at 7AM P.T. on June 11th. Trailers and info will be coming in throughout the convention as well.

You Get To Play Some E3 Games!

The last thing that Nintendo is doing to make their show more accessible to the fans is letting them play some of the games that will be at this year’s show. At participating Best Buy locations, fans will be able to play demos for four of the games shown off.  Again, just visit the official E3 site for a list of locations once it goes live.

Nintendo has always done things a little differently from the rest of the pack, and amidst all the flash and gimmicks that the “next-gen” is bringing, Nintendo just needs to show us that their still just being Nintendo and remind us all of why we love that so much.