Last year at E3, Naughty Dog stole the show with their new IP, The Last Of Us. Promising a character driven story and revolutionary gameplay, The Last Of Us already looks to be a strong contender for Game Of The Year.

The Last Of Us places players in a post-apocalyptic world, so one can expect rationing ammo, scavenging supplies and an extremely hostile environment. You play as Joel, a black market dealer, protecting a 14-year-old girl called Ellie. Players have to travel across the US to bring Ellie to a group of resistance fighters known as the Fireflies. In your way are the infected, bandits and the military trying to get Ellie back. While plot details are pretty vague at this point in time, the fluid and action-packed gameplay looks incredible, mixing stealth and melee combat flawlessly.

Multiplayer has been announced; however, it may seem unnecessary as the single player campaign would be the primary focus for the majority of players. DLC has also been planned but it is focused entirely on the multiplayer side of the game.

To say that I am excited for The Last Of Us is an understatement; as soon as I saw the gameplay demo at E3 last year, I immediately went out and bought a PS3. No exaggeration. Granted, I wanted to play God Of War and Final Fantasy VII again. Still, The Last Of Us was a major factor in my impulsive spending and, yes, now I am broke. Thanks for asking.

Check out the extended TV Spot below and, as always, leave your thoughts. The Last Of Us releases on June 14th exclusively to PS3.

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