SlimGamer Community Night #2 – The grand return!

The few, the brave and the downright foolish decided to band together – PC and laptops in hand – fueled by coffee and donuts to celebrate the second SlimGamer Community Night. There were intense battles, more intense heat from gaming rigs, laughs, tears, spills and swag!

For this installment of the SlimGamer Community Night, we decided to gather together some of our most loyal UK fans in one location, open up our Steam accounts to the masses and play whatever came to mind.

Star Conflict – Losing in Space

Star Conflict is a free-to-play game from StarGem Inc. and hit Steam only recently; it’s still in beta (or so the activation e-mail states) so there are a few overpowering issues and tweaks but we noble souls decided that this game would be a great way to kick off the second SlimGamer Community Night.

With four of our attendees, we formed a squad and started floating around space – occasionally getting a kill in one of the all vs. all Sector Control battles which helped boost our experience and earn us some much needed space credits.


One brave soul playing Amnesia. Still, at least it’s light outside!

Whilst being free-to-play, you do need to purchase a license if you wish to play with more than a two person squad. Only one person needs to purchase an in-game license and it is purchased with in-game gold. You start with a certain amount of this gold but, once you run out, you need to purchase increments of in-game gold in order to purchase them.

This, whilst being a strange business decision, is not unheard of and it seemed that this was only a ‘forced’ purchase if you wanted to play with friends. So, kitted out with a license and basic ships, we set off for adventure. We spent the first hour or so plowing into asteroids and getting obliterated by the opposition but, once we understood the controls, we soon got the hang of mid-space dog fights. The different modes played included Sector Control, a team vs. team battle to kill the enemy captain which allowed you to destroy the rest of the opposing team; Beacon Control, where you needed to hold certain mid-space beacons to gain points; and Beacon Hunt, possibly the most challenging mode; it was akin to Beacon Control but with one active beacon at a time which changed places after a certain amount of time (King of the Hill style).

With the first few hours under our belt, we couldn’t possibly give up just yet. Achieving the next tier of technology was within sight of our squad, which meant better ships, better guns and, of course…well, that was it actually. But better ships and guns were something to fight for.


One guest was inundated with DOTA2 codes during the event!

Breaking through the first tier opened up Contracts for our team. Contracts can be undertaken from different factions in the game (with no effect on matchmaking at all), which – when you met certain criteria – you leveled up with that faction. This allowed you to unlock specials like a previously locked ship for purchase or superior firepower.

Soon, we had gameplay and tactics refined; the subtle warcry of “MINES!” filled the room as two of our fighters circled the beacon that we were protecting, peppering space with tiny explosive surprises for our enemies. Our main scout would secure the next beacon while our destroyer would keep its distance, sniping enemies with the MAC cannon and trying not to get obliterated during the fight (a challenge that I failed at a lot).

After what seemed like only a couple of hours of gameplay, we realized that our 24 hour license was coming to an end. After drinks, food and a bit of needed rest, we discovered that we had ended up playing this little free-to-play game all night.

By the end of the event, our guests were tired but content because they’d been part of something great. Whether it’s for epic battles in space or running around after each other in Unreal, we few gamers should gather together every once in a while to help celebrate gaming and toast the joys of nerdism and geekery. Our guests this time left with a selection of goodies from publishers like Activision, EA , Bethesda and Epic.


The prize haul!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and took part in the community event. If you’d like to join in at our next event, please don’t forget that you can follow SlimGamer on Twitter and also Facebook.