This is the first edition to the “Top 5 in 5!” segment from the Retro Sunday Channel. This episode features the top five Sega Dreamcast fighting games in five minutes! The Sega Dreamcast is known to have a pretty awesome lineup of fighting games but I feel that the five games mentioned here are at the top of the list.

To start off, we have Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves, which was developed and published by SNK in 1999. This game only has one installment on the Sega Dreamcast but it’s worth trying if you haven’t already. Trying to set itself apart from the other fighting games, Fatal Fury introduces T.O.P mode; when the player is at a certain point on the life gauge, they are able to gradually increase life and attack damage. Also, players who block are rewarded with some health recovery.

Capcom vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000 was developed by Capcom Production Studio 1 and published by Capcom in 2000. Capcom and SNK have made plenty of solid fighting games through the years and this was the epic game that brought them both together – along with their bevy of characters! A huge list of both SNK and Capcom characters to choose from and awesome team battle modes make for some engaging and fun gameplay.

Developed by Arc System Works and published by Sammy Corporation in 2000, Guilty Gear X is a game that I was very unfamiliar with and only knew about it because it came with the Sega Dreamcast bundle I had picked up years ago. This game is one of the best fighting games I’ve personally played with awesome animations and graphics style that really makes the game jump out at you!

Mortal Kombat Gold was developed and published by Midway in 1997. Although I’ve always been a hardcore Mortal Kombat fan, I think we can all agree that the series has been going downhill since the release of Mortal Kombat 3. This game was not so bad with the use of 3D environments, cool special moves and a list of decently awesome characters.

King of Fighters Evolution was developed and published by SNK in 1999. Apparently this is the sixth installment in the King of Fighters series (although I’ve only ever played this one) and I feel they’ve done a good job. I feel this game provides the player with solid gameplay mechanics and animations while still contributing to a “real-life” fighting style.

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