Being an avid fan of headsets and headphones, I was psyched to get this one. These headsets usually retail around £30.00/€35.00/$50.00, which is pretty reasonable for an Xbox/PC headset. Until now, I had been using the standard headset that you get with the Xbox 360 for a number of months as my previous headset broke on me. As a result, it took a bit of time to get used to a headset again.


The quality of the headset is great; it even feels durable.  The design of the headset is flawless in my opinion. The ear cups fit perfectly and the padding is very comfortable. The microphone is very well built; it’s easy to put it in a position that you’re comfortable with and that doesn’t have you sending the creepy sound of breathing over the airwaves. Also, the wire is really long, which helps a lot if you’re sitting far from your TV.turtle-beach-x12-2

The controller

The controller on the Turtle Beach X12 has four options: Chat, Bass Boost, Game and Mute-Mic-On. The buttons/sliders are easy to use but the only flaw is that it is a bit close to the headset. This makes it a bit difficult to find without having to look for it.



The setup of the Turtle Beach X12’s is incredibly simple. It will, honestly, take you five minutes at the most. The cables used to connect it to your console are a RCA splitter cable with a headphone jack at the end, an Xbox 360 talkback cable and a USB that goes straight into your Xbox (which is connected to the headset).


The sound quality when using Turtle Beach X12 is good – exactly what I was expecting for the price of the headset. The sound quality of music is great and the in-game volume control is very effective for competitive gaming. The Bass-Boost and the separate slider for game volume make it easy to get the sound quality perfect. This is a huge improvement over my regular television sound quality. It makes it easier to hear that person coming around the corner in your favourite shooter and that last person trying to defuse a bomb in a game of Call of Duty. The microphone monitoring is a great help as it allows you to hear yourself talking. It took a bit of getting used to but it’s a nice, effective add-on.



As of yet, I have not experienced any flaws but, from a search of the internet, I found out that there is a common problem with the microphone cable breaking. Although you can buy a new cable for this, it still seems like a matter that Turtle Beach should look into.


My final summary

Overall, I am very happy with the quality of the Turtle Beach X12’s. They are durable, fit perfectly and also produce great quality sound. I would definitely recommend this headset to anyone looking for a gaming headset on a Turtle-Beach-Ear-Force-X12-Gaming-Headset best price