Part of the reason that Beyond the Beep exists in the first place is to help get the focus on some of the wonderful music surrounding the video game industry. That not only includes the great music and soundtracks that we have in video games but also the many talented fan artists out there making songs about the games they love. Now, we start a new feature called “The Weekly Beep”, where I’ll share any great fan songs, tributes, covers, or soundtracks that I might come across, and – believe me – there are a lot. So, this week we focus on some great fan songs about Bioshock Infinte. Here are a handful of great songs for an equally great and memorable game. Maybe read our review of Bioshock Infinite here, and enjoy the music while you do.

First up is a somewhat funky rap about Bioshock Infinite from British rapper Dan Bull. If you haven’t listened to any of his other songs, I’d highly recommend them.

Next, we have a fun little rendition of ” Will the Circle Be Unbroken” by Youtube user Jonathan Mann.

Moving on, next is a beautiful tribute song to Elizabeth, via Bina Bianca on Youtube.

Here we have another rap song, with a distinctly different feel than Dan Bulls song. Being a fan of stylish vests myself, I can appreciate this song. Song courtesy of Youtube user Peter Coffin.

Finally, we have my favourite song of the bunch, Miracle of Sounds, a musical tribute to Bioshock Infinte. You can read my own personal interview with Miracle of Sound’s Gavin Dunne here.