Yesterday, EA teased us with the above image and, today, they released some information about the game. We all know the drill when it comes to these annual franchises: minute changes to gameplay that will be barely unnoticeable but that will strangely, after a few matches, make it  impossible to go back to previous installments. The most prominent of these features is the Pure Shot feature. Pure Shot allows even more options when striking for goal, taking in factors such as player speed and the angle that the ball is approached from. Ball physics have also been revamped.


Sprinting has also been improved with turning and skill moves being upgraded. The main improvement that I was happy to hear was included is the desperately needed Protect the Ball feature. This allows players to effectively block the ball while still moving at an acceptable speed. In previous titles, it was like running in Left 4 Dead while being attacked from behind; the player slows to a crawl, consequently leading to some infuriating punch-the-nearest-object-regardless-of-whether-it-was-inanimate-or-not moments.


Career mode improvements include a focus on scouting for new players and an update to the clunky interface. In regards to the online mode, the widely popular Ultimate Team is promised some improvements, hopefully adding some much needed customization options.


FIFA 14 is coming to 360, PS3 and PC this autumn but EA has promised to release more information on plans for next gen. consoles within the current months. Follow @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

Personally, I’m usually on the fence with FIFA and don’t really notice the gameplay differences but the ball protection feature in this latest version really appeals to me. Are the current announcements enough for you to already be excited or are you waiting for more information? Leave your thoughts below.