In what can only be thought of as an experiment in marketing at this time, Microsoft is attempting to feed on the success of what many companies have already done before.  Just a few days ago, Chet Logothestian appeared on Twitter and gave his initial introduction by saying “Hello, world. Welcome to my mind online. As soon as I think of something to say, I will. And it will be good. Probably a joke of some sort.” Later on Twitter, he announced “Just got a creative consulting gig @Microsoft. Have you heard of those guys? LMK! Lend me knowledge!” and today “I am meeting with Steve Ballmer right now @Microsoft. Mom, please stop texting me, it’s distracting.” Now, while no one outside of Microsoft really knows just how far Mr. Logothestian will go with this new project, his name is getting some attention, and he now has 400+ Twitter followers (as of this post) and 100+ likes on his official Facebook page since both were created on December 28th, 2010.  Compare that to the largely popular Kevin Butler with a staggering 65,000+ Twitter followers, since joining the service back in November 2009.  Now, what remains to be seen is if Microsoft is actually attempting a PR stunt, much like what Sony has successfully created with Mr. Butler, at next week’s CES 2011, or if this will be a one shot deal.  Only time will tell at this point, but if Chet really makes an impact during the show, he may just live up to his own mission statement : “Every communication is like a comet. You either ride the fiery ball, or latch on to the tail and get dragged along”