Microsoft has hired Chet Logothestian as a “content coach” in preparation for Steve Ballmer’s big CES 2011 keynote next week.  Logothestian is scheduled to meet with Ballmer tomorrow on New Year’s Eve to discuss important dealings that could be an important turning point for Microsoft and how they reach their audience.  Posts were found on the company’s official Facebook page, confirming Microsoft really wants to make an entertaining presentation for both their loyal fans and newly found Kinect users alike.


With the big push for casual gaming for the Xbox 360’s new Kinect peripheral this past holiday season, it’s nice to see Microsoft take a step back and remember to have a little fun with their marketing.  Logothestian really emphasized the fact that this PR stunt isn’t a serious business move when he described himself as :

“I am world-renowned content coach. I have worked with politicians in writing acceptance speeches for suburban aldermen, I coached the setup speaker to the keynote address for the Wyoming Plumber Union Summit and the salutatorian class address for Maple Valley Middle School (Go Cougs!) I have recently been hired by Microsoft to analyze, mold and coach presenters, turning them into magicians and helping to create a successful CES 2011.”
Ballmer is scheduled to open CES 2011 and be the first of the Microsoft keynotes for the show on January 5th, 2011 at 6:30 PM PST.
Found on WinRumors