Kersploosh! is a simple game with a simple premise.  You control a rock as it falls down a well, dodging obstacles to try and get to the bottom in the least amount of time.  There are 10 different objects to hurl into the abyss, ranging from plain-jane rocks to matryoshka dolls to rubber bouncy balls, and 10 different wells that present different obstacles and scenery.

Beware of boards.

Beware of boards.

This is a game entirely about high scores.  Crashing into obstacles slows down your speed (and increases your time to hit the bottom) while speeding through donut holes will give you a big burst of speed.  You’ll see many of these objects coming, while others will pop out of the sides of the well to try and impede you.   Hitting too many objects or walls will cause your object to break and end the level, as each object has a different amount of HP and travels at a different speed. While we’re never shy about our love of games where you chase a high score, the fun in Kersploosh! is diminished because the only way to share high scores is through Streetpass which, let’s be honest, is going to be incredibly rare with this game.  If there was some sort of way to share scores online you would get a lot more replay out of this game.  As it is, you can really only compete with yourself and try to best your own times with different objects.  Chances are, you’re not going to get more than an hour or two of total playtime.

The graphics in Kersploosh! are as simple as the concept.  Most everything is a bright color or a simple shape, and obstacles don’t extend much beyond wooden planks, donuts, pizza, and cookies.  This is actually kind of beneficial because the simple graphics give a clear indication of what everything is which is something you’ll probably need since the game is fast.  If you get enough boosts, you travel in excess of 200MPH and everything blows right by you.  You might even have to turn down the 3D effect a bit since it’s enough to give you vertigo at high speeds.  Now if only it didn’t have the damn white contrail that follows each object down the well, which is far more distracting than helpful.

It’s worth noting that the music is surprisingly good, with upbeat and cheery tunes that manage to get stuck in your head.

Kersploosh! is similar to an iOS game at an iOS price.  The most attractive aspect is that it only costs $2.99, a good price because you’re not going to want to pay much more.  It’s a small, simple game offered at a fair price.  Kersploosh! probably isn’t a game you’re going to remember after you’ve read this review but it’s an alright way to kill 2 minutes in line.

Review Score : [starreview tpl=16] Title : Kersploosh!
Format : Nintendo 3DS (eShop)
Developer : Poisoft
Publisher : Nintendo
Release Date : 03/07/13

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