The recent rumours have finally been confirmed with the release of the official trailer for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.

Set in 1715, players take on the role of the pirate Edward Kenway. The trailer shows the infamous Blackbeard telling tales of your conquests, so hopefully you are already an established warrior and there will be none of the repetitive “become an assassin” training. The game also boasts over 50 unique locations along the West Indies, so expect a lot of exploration.

Watch the trailer here and check out the screens below.



AC4_Whale AC4_Storm AC4_Sea AC4_Combat AC4_Art AC4_Crouch AC4_Trees


The game is set to release on the 1st of November on all platforms, current and next generation.

I’ve only just purchased Assassins Creed III and the only thing I am enjoying so far is the naval combat. So I for one am pleased with this announcement, other fans however are disappointed that the game is not set in feudal Japan.

What are your thoughts on the time period? Leave a comment below.