In the games industry these days we are bombarded by trailers, gameplay footage and videos which sometimes don’t mean anything to the actual finished game itself – used more for marketing than to showcase the games potential. In a special piece today I thought I would analyse the latest trailer for 2K Games and Irrational Games’ highly anticipated game, Bioshock: Infinite and see if I could discover any hidden secrets.

It’s worth noting that I have not played any of Bioshock Infinite nor have I studied previous trailers. So any personal opinions are complete guesses.

The full trailer can be found here:

0:00 – 0:30

We open up with some lavish scenes depicting the floating game world, one particularly interesting moment at 0:08 shows a giant winged statue which will either get destroyed in a dramatic cutscene or lay host to a battle/chase scene.

At 0:12, I’m not quite sure what the sign outside this obvious facility says – possibly “ONJMEN ISLAND”

Moving into the facility we can see a brief collection of images which indicate that something humanoid – most likely Elizabeth herself – was created in this lab. With the pictures shown below it’s easy to believe that Elizabeth is a genetic experiment – a weapon maybe which Mr Booker DeWitt has been asked to ‘steal’

We see Elizabeth at 0:18 – pressumably through one way glass. I’m also guessing that the space between 0:18 and what I assume to be our first encounter with Elizabeth at 0:27 is lengthened by a merry chase through said facility to find different locks, keys, switches – This entire section could even be the tutorial mission. Who knows?

At 0:29 we see a very faint image of Mr DeWitt – indicating that Elizabeth didn’t cave our brains in with that heave looking book.

0:30 – 1:00

We open up this section seeing who we assume is DeWitt and Elizabeth rowing through a storm on the open sea. DeWitt looking through a box of strange belongings including a photo of Elizabeth, a postcard of Monument Island (now I know what that facilities name was) a strange drawing of a map, two keys and two swords and some co-ordinates under what appears to be a large metal key. A voice (presumably¬†the antagonists) mutters “You’ve come for my land” as DeWitt looks at the rear of Elizabeth photo which reads “Bring to New York City – Unharmed” indicating some political power struggle in which Elizabeth is key.

At 0:36 we see a large flying creature swooping towards Elizabeth shreiking only to discover that, at 0:38 (pictured below) this was most likely some sort of hilucination on Elizabeths part as the flying creature appears to be nothing more than a poster of ‘The Songbird’

At 0:47 we can see Elizabeth seemingly alter her surroundings, either through memory transference or teleportation as she goes from a hospital type room to a warehouse after having some kind of reacton with an object by a nearby corpse, all after hearing a voice say “The girl is the flame that shall ignite the world”

At 0:53 onwards the scene chanes from a sweeping vista to an action scene which sees a restrained Elizabeth throw you a gun. After this point it’s not clear how Elizabeth becomes free as seemingly grenades are launched in her direction as DeWitt starts gunning people down.

The words from the presummed antagonist “You’ve come to lead my lamb astray” lends more proof to the fact that Elizabeth is a powerful political tool/weapon rather than a normal character.

1:00 – 1:30

At 1:04 we see a young girl (presummably Elizabeth, possibly Liz 2.0?) taking someones hand (again, we pressume the protagonist) mentioning that they are going to find Comstock – presumably the antagonist who I assume is the face we see at 1:08

With shots of Elizabeth attacking statues and what appears to be a mid-boss at 1:11 the action really starts to heat up in this trailer.

Assassinations, different enemies, gunplay, the ‘Songbird’ and Elizabeth facing off against each other. At 1:21 we see the ‘young Elizabeth’ again and DeWitt arguing with whoever asked him to rescue her in the first place. All the while meaty action sequences play in the background of the ‘Songbird’ crashing into the protagonists airship and Elizabeth having some sort of convulsion which then sends us fading to black at 1:30 (also notice at 1:22 the strange “AD” mark on the characters hand which didn’t appear when he caught a gun earlier – possible multiple characters?)

1:30 – 2:00 (1:59 actually)

The remaining few seconds of actual trailer mainly show Elizabeth in different surroundings looking broody and angry. The dialogur over this plays as follows:

Elizabeth: “Booker, are you afraid of God?”
Booker DeWitt: “No, but I am afraid of you”

This ends the scene with a resolute looking Elizabeth seemingly summoning a tornado in the background. Suggesting some sort of awakening of Elizabeths powers.


Personal Thoughts:

Whilst the game looks excellent and seems to be an astetic mixture of both Bioshock and Dishonoured, I have a sinking feeling that Irrational might try to force too many surprises into the storyline to shock us. My bet is that Elizabeth is some sort of engineered weapon and the ‘younger Elizabeth’ is some sort of clone, possibly if the original Elizabeth went missing or ran away from this Comstock. I’m certain that the game will be amazing but I’m also concerned that most of the outstanding cutscenes are being portrayed in the trailers. I’d love to see a touch more fighting and character abilities rather than set pieces and animations.

I’m still very excited about Bioshock: Infinite and can’t wait to tear the next trailer up with analysis!