indieWelcome to Slimgamer’s end of the year coverage.  We took seven writers, gave them six categories, and locked them in a room until they’d decided on the Top 36 (or so) of 2012.  Each writer picked one item from each category and we compiled the six lists as our take on the “Game of the Year” list.  Every day for the next six days we’ll post a different category commemorating the best (and not so best) industry developments of the year.

Today we take a look away from the mainstream and into the loving arms of the indie community where we present our choices for Indie Game of the Year.

by Simon

Unfortunately, I don’t really play a lot of indie games even though I know a lot of them are very good and sometimes better than full AAA releases. But one Indie game that I found myself getting very addicted to was Slender.

For those that haven’t played Slender yet, (and if you’re reading this, why not!? Go and download it immediately!!) Slender is a first person horror game where your goal is to find and collect 8 manuscripts about the Slender Man which are hidden within a forest whilst trying to avoid contact with the Slender Man.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds, as the Slender Man moves quickly and if you’re running away from him you have no idea how close he is behind you.  You can’t stop and turn around just in case he’s right behind you because if he is your sanity will fade away and yo’llu die.

This game is also where I had probably my scariest video game moment of 2012. I was in the middle of the forest and I walked into what looked like a public toilet, went round the corner and there was the Slender Man just standing in front of me!! I turned around and ran…

It’s just a great game and one which is frankly terrifying!

hotlinemiamiHotline Miami
by Mike

You’re either going to love Hotline Miami, or you’ll hate it. It’s that simple – there is no ‘it’s okay’ or ‘I’m sure it grows on you’.  You’ll either be put off by the vibrant neon colors and 80’s techno soundtrack or you’ll embrace it, throw yourself into the world of Dennaton Games’ sordid sick playground and be deliriously slitting throats and smacking people in the face with baseball bats for hours to come.

retroRetro City Rampage
by Charles

It’s not the ordinary indie demake many think it is. Yes, it was originally a GTA demake, but it turned into so much more. With so many video game references and homages to classics found in such an abudance, any video game fan can appreciate what RCR offers. Throw in the free-roam mode, availability on multiple platforms, and the ability to play as characters from other popular indie games, and you have an indie game that should not be missed, especially if you’ve been gaming for any length of time.

chivalryChivalry: Medieval Warfare
by Sean

This one really came out of nowhere. I remember seeing a Let’s Play on YouTube and the unique melee combat system instantly got my attention. While the game is very difficult, once you get the hang of it you will enjoy it.

A first person slasher influenced by films like Gladiator and 300? Go on, start Steam, I’ll wait.

dustDust: An Elysian Tail
by Hayes

Every year I look forward to the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. It’s provided me with some of my best gaming experiences before, but in 2012 there wasn’t much for me to be excited about, and now that it’s come and gone we can see it wasn’t as stellar as years past. But one game stood above the rest, and that was Dust: An Elysian Tail. It’s a beautiful game, with fluid animation and a fun combat system. Dust definitely has to be my favorite Arcade game of the year, but when it really becomes impressive is when you find out the whole game was made by one guy. I mean, damn, what a great job.

minecraftMinecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
by Ben

With the release of Minecraft on xbox 360 in May I had to make sure all my friends bought it.  They did, and the fun we had on it was nothing short of brilliant.  I don’t know how many hours we’ve put into it since launch, but we’ve had fun the entire time.  And the fact that the Xbox 360 version is almost up to date with the PC  version makes it even better as I prefer playing on a console with a controller in hand.

by Justin

Dyad is one of those games that you didn’t hear about until it already came out.  It’s not particularly flashy in the way that many other of the indie games are.  While everything we’ve listed can most certainly be called a game, Dyad is the only one (okay, maybe Hotline Miami as well) that can be called an experience.  When you’re racing through a stage with the music pumping into your ears and the colors flashing there’s really nothing like it.  Dyad puts you into a trance and almost hypnotizes you.  I chose Dyad as my indie game of the year not just because it’s fun, and not just because it’s intuitive, but because it’s something incredibly unique.

Come back tomorrow for the final day of our game of the year coverage to see what our writer’s have picked as their personal Game of 2012.