First off, Isn’t the name kind of Ironic? “Happy” “Wars”?

On Xbox 360, free games are rare. Any free game is good to get!

Happy Wars is a free arcade game on the Xbox 360. It was created by Toylogic. While it is no blockbuster game it is a fun game. The online multiplayer with 24 in one lobby makes it fun and fast paced action.

The story is about two sides (like North and South Korea) that always argue and end up starting a war over constant pointless arguments between each other, where both teams attack to try and take over each other’s base.

In the game you get to choose between three types of characters – a warrior, cleric and mage. Each of these occupations has their own abilities and attributes. The warrior is best for brute strength tactics. This type is best for close quarter fighting.


Then there’s the mage, who uses magic to throw spells and summon hurricanes upon the enemy. This is the best type for long range and is very effective although it is not the best for close quarter combat.  The cleric is more of a objective style character. The cleric is used to build ladders to gain access to the enemy castle or to heal other players.

In the game when you start out, you’re level one as in every other game. The objective of the game is to take over the enemy castle. You do this by storming at the enemy and taking over towers on the way and killing the enemy team. Every tower you take over is one step closer to the enemy castle. When you take a tower this means if you die you have the option to re-spawn at that tower, which means you will be closer to the enemy castle and usually only a few feet away from the battle. You level up by killing the enemy team and capturing towers. Even if you win or lose, you still get XP.


To combat in the game, you use A, B, Y, and X. It is a slight button bash style game, but you can change around what attack you would like to use. In single player, by clicking RB you can command what you would like your team to do. The four commands you can chose from are for them to Follow you, Heal you, Attack or Build.

All in all, it is a very good game especially since it is free. It is kind of a very repetitive game that you could get bored of, but you would still play it again in a half hour. Its graphics may not be any Borderlands 2, but it is still a fun and enjoyable game. The online Matchmaking is a pretty big downfall, but you can’t expect a 100% game really. It surely is a game that I will continue to play from time to time with friends.

Happy Wars Box Art
Review Score : [starreview tpl=16]
Title : Happy Wars
Format : Xbox 360
Developer : Toylogic
Publisher : Microsoft
Release Date : October 12, 2012

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