With a backstory more convoluted than the British Financial Institutions bonus scheme, it’s easy to understand why people don’t understand exactly what’s happening in MGR: Revengence so I’ll try and condense it as much as possible for you:

MSR:Revengence is the latest game in the industry reknown Metal Gear series.  It takes place in 2018, four years after the closing events of Guns of The Patriots. You play as Raiden who we will all know and probably remember as the mundane rookie agent from Metal Gear Solid 2 who then turned out to be a secret psychopathic, murerous child soldier who ends up believing his only place is on the battlefield.

Stiff upper lip? Nah! Solid metal jaw!

Since his misadventures previously, Raiden has had a fair amount of ‘future-anime’ cosmetic surgery where basically most of his body is now made up of cybernetics and prosthetics and his overall exoskeleton suit strongly resembles that of Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid. Raiden has found himself within the Metal Gear universe working for the Private Military Corporation (PMC), Maverick Enterprises to help raise money for his new family – though appearing all grown up now our little Raiden still hold a fair amount of emotional baggage from being raised as a child soldier, having his girlfriend marry another man and believing that their baby has miscarried which later turned out to be false. Nobody ever said being a character in a Metal Gear game would be easy, they just said it would look good…

And look good it does as Raiden jumps, flips and Grey-Foxes all over the battlefield, MGR: Revengence has been classified as ‘not part of the main Metal Gear series” and it’s very easy to see why, with an emphasis more on action rather than stealth and full on brutality rather than avoidance Revengence feels like a very different animal indeed. Revengence is more the Anime/Manga side of Metal Gear rather than the gritty and realistic side we have been used to over the years with trademark character like Solid Snake, the grizzled war veteran. Raiden is more The Guyver than MacGyver

Exactly like the original E3 video we saw…

Indeed, playing the first section of Revengence betrays the previous Metal Gear games with an instant ‘invisible wall’ trick that is erected around you whenever you enter battle much like the Devil May Cry series, only disappearing after you have killed the enemies within.  Fortunately to dispatch enemies Raiden is armed with his High Frequency sword which (it’s believed) he kept since the end of Metal Gear Solid 2 and I have to say, even playing on Normal, he feels massively overpowered. The ability to direct the slices of your sword with Blade Mode is very cool and feels reasonably intuitive after a while of getting used to using it mid-battle and the ability to sit and chop up various objects (including watermelons) doesn’t really wear off after a while, you just want to find more items/people to chop up.
[Pro Tip] Be careful where you attack enemies, on more than one occasion I accidentally ended up slicing through both an enemy and a supporting pillar of the concrete balcony above me, causing half a building to fall on me.

Raidens support team

You also have the ability to pick up secondary weapons/support items such as the trusty Metal Gear Cardboard Box (which I managed to find in the training area of the demo below) strangely though you rarely get any restorative items, the restoration of Raidens body is more focussed on extracting ‘electrolytes’ from his enemies, in essence it’s basically Raiden pulling out the power cells of fallen enemy cyborgs but as you will see below it bears an uncanny resemblance to pulling out someones spine ala Mortal Kombat – I sometimes couldn’t help but hear a distant ‘Fatality’ when I executed this move.

I recently got a chance to play through the entire demo of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence and I hope it helps you understand how this will probably one of the most exciting games of the first half of 2013.