nDreams today announced the upcoming release of Xi: Continuum – the sequel to the 2009 console based and highly original alternate reality game Xi.

Xi was the worlds first console based and virtual world based alternate reality game and was a one time only play (unfolding in real time) and only available on the PS3 through Playstation Home.

The game itself was an adventure to help find “Jess” and the meaning of Xi by collecting fragments and butterflies found in a series of secret areas in home that changed frequently. The game also challenged the users to search for clues in the real world.The game launched in March 2009 and ran for just 12 weeks. It was updated every week day with new spaces, puzzles, videos and websites and took place within Playstation Home, across the web and in the real world and had over 630,000 unique players – all of which have been clamouring for a fresh Xi experience.

Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams said, “Xi: Continuum crosses between console, websites, videos and the real world, yet can be played at any time. We believe that the game offers a genuinely original game experience that will be unlike anything else you have played before.”

More details on Xi: Continuum will be released over the coming weeks but until then, feast your eyes on the trailer and screenshots below…