Aside from being the original bird flinging simulator and the first game to take full advantage of touch screen controls, Angry Birds is arguably the biggest and most popular game available on a hand held device. In fact, the game and brand is so big it’s spawned several spinoffs, a handful of sequels and an entire clothing range. There’s a good argument to be made for Angry Birds being bigger than World of Warcraft ever was!

After taking the hand held games market by storm, Angry Birds finally flings itself onto the home consoles by way of Angry Birds Trilogy. As the name suggests, Angry Birds Trilogy puts all 3 Angry Birds game together in one handy budget priced product – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and the movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio – which is a lot better than the movie!

If you’re still unfamiliar with what Angry Birds is and what the point of the game is then either you live under a rock or you have been actively avoiding it and trying not to experience it. But if that’s the case then here’s a quick reminder of the basic premise behind the game – A group of green pigs have “egg-napped” the birds babies and retreated to the relative safety of their haphazard shelters they have built from wood, stone and ice blocks where they hope to enjoy some ill-gotten omelettes. The birds, who are now rightfully angry, fling themselves face first against the walls of these structures using a giant slingshot in order to burst through to the pigs inside and rescue their offspring.

So that’s it, that’s the game and what you have to do. The developers have given you all of the available levels that the game has. All three of the game’s available in this trilogy contain all of the free bonus updates and level packs that have been released for their mobile editions over the years giving you over 600 stages which is rather a lot it has to be said. However, given that you can buy all three of these games for the combined price of £2.00 it does rather beg the question, what makes Activision and Rovio think that people are going to pay out £30 to play them on a console?

So as you can see, it isn’t the best financial proposition you’re going to see this year. But, it is one of the prettiest. As you would imagine from what’s essentially an HD remake the graphics have been given a slight overhaul. Now I admit, Angry Birds has always been a bright, vibrant and pretty game even on the small screen of an iphone or your Android device but on my 37 inch HD TV, the game looks amazing! The colours look nice and sharp and when you fling the birds you get nice looking motion blur. The game also has much improved sound effects. The sound of bird against wood has never sounded so good.

Now the game is on the big 3 consoles though, where the game was once something which you would pull out of your pocket and play for 5 minutes whilst waiting for a bus, it is now something that requires a certain investment of your time and I just feel that the game doesn’t warrant that sort of time investment. It’s still a game that I struggle to play for more than about 20 minutes despite the addictive nature of the game and the ease of resetting the level – instead of having to hit a pause button and pressing reset like you do in the mobile version, you can simply press on the “X” button for 2 seconds a little bit like the reset button in Trials HD and Trials Evolution.

Being on a console you would also imagine there to be some sort of multiplayer and although leaderboards have been added which hints at some sort of competitiveness, unfortunately that particular market has been left untapped without so much as a hint of even offline co-op play! It’s a strange move as this sort of game is crying out for some sort of multiplayer.

You might then think that the lack of multiplayer is the only dissapointment in Angry Brids Trilogy but unfortunately, you would be wrong as after you complete all of the levels you unlock a massive 19 extra brand new levels!! Yes, 19 new levels! That’s it. And quite why they felt the need to leave out the inclusion of Angry Birds space which is probably the best Angry Birds game due to the funky gravity physics is another strange decision. All of these shortcoming’s make the game feel like a little bit of a cash in just in time for the Christmas rush, even though that probably isn’t the case. I don’t think that’s what they were going for when they released it on the consoles.

So Angry Birds remains a guilty pleasure of the gaming world but also remains a game which is brilliantly fun to play, especially on a family game night for instance. But, although it benefits from all the greatness that moving from a little portable device up to a full size TV can bring, it’s still a rather disappointing game.


Review Score : [starreview tpl=16]
Title : Angry Birds Trilogy
Format : Xbox 360
Developer : Housemarque
Publisher : Activision
Release Date : 26/09/2012

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Activision provided with a review copy.