A guide to lessons in the New Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL

One of the reasons why the Art Academy series of titles for the Nintendo DSi was so hugely popular, selling millions of copies all over the world is because it actually did teach people creative skills, helping them to unlock the inner artist that they never knew they had.

The New Art Academy, although only released in the summer of this year, has already had rave reviews for this very same quality – it actually teaches users real-life drawing, painting and other artistic skills. The way it does this is through lessons, which the user is guided through by the ever-genial creative master Vince.

The New Art Academy for Beginners

If you’re a creative novice or you’ve never experienced the structure of the Art Academy games before, there is an Introductory Course available on the New Art Academy. You can also take a look at the Nintendo website to help you get a feel for how it all works.

There is one starter lesson and eight full lessons to complete in the Introductory Course, but you can only unlock these one at a time. Each lesson, depending on your artistic ability, takes around an hour to complete, but you can of course take your time and enjoy the soothing background that reviewers have praised the New Art Academy for (it helps to stimulate the creative juices, apparently).

Once you’ve completed the main task in each lesson, Vince will then take you through a series of Mini Lessons which are designed to expand on the main task or skill you are learning about. This is how the New Art Academy is able to really teach you artistic skills, as it goes through everything step by step and then revisits what you’ve learnt in these Mini Lessons. It is also a very methodical process, allowing you to pick up the skills in your own time.

One of the biggest thrills for people experiencing the New Art Academy for the first time is how, at the end of each lesson, a fully realised work of art is produced. This is a very satisfying thing to see for the very first time, especially on the large, vivid 3D screen of the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Custom Lessons

If you’ve experienced Art Academy titles before, you’ll want to skip straight to the Advanced Course of lessons. If you still want more once you’ve completed each of the eight lessons, there is still more to learn.

You can start to create your own Custom Lessons, structured in the same way as those you’ve already mastered but allowing you more freedom in choosing the source image, the course name and planning the stages you’ll need to complete to produce your masterpiece.

Extra Lessons

You can also purchase extra lessons (recent downloads have included lessons on ‘Pointillism and Textures’ and ‘Mixing Paints’) and even Custom Lessons. There is a brand new Custom Lesson out at the moment, distributed via SpotPass, which teaches you how to draw a Goomba from the Mario games.