The first title in the Games for Holidays offering is A World of Keflings by Ninja Bee, which in sense, is a sequel to the original, A Kingdom for Keflings.  Does this sequel live up to the original?  Does it improve on the short fallings of the original? Is it worth your money if you already played the first?  Keep reading after the break and find out if this game improves on the original game.


A World of Keflings is a building sim, where your avatar is the giant, who builds the city, and the Keflings do your biddings.  Each building requires certain pieces, which are made from raw materials.  These raw materials are harvested by your Keflings.  When you set your Kefling infront of trees, for example, it will start chopping them down.  You then pick him up and teach him to drop the wood off at the factory.  From then on, that Kefling will continue to chop and deliver his pieces of wood to that factory.

You collect different blueprints throughout the game, that allow you to build new buildings in the world, from Kefling homes to Castles and factories.   Each blueprint has color coordinated pieces that associate only to a specific factory.  This makes it much easier to know which factory makes the pieces you need.  On top of that when you are inside a factory looking at the pieces, there are marks next to the items you need, so memorization of the blueprint is not needed.  These are two big improvements over the original to help streamline the game, and they are very useful.  The factory will then produce the pieces you requested so you can build the building on your current blueprint.

Througout the game you travel to three distinctive locations.  From the frozen ice world, to the seasonal greenlands, and to the dry desert.  Each area has distinct raw materials and Keflings that inhabit it.  Each area also has its own mini story, that ties into the over arching storyline.  When you discover the new areas, its like restarting the game.  You get to build the kingdom up from scratch.  I personally enjoyed going to new areas, instead of always being stuck in the same area throughout the whole game.

Ninja Bee also listened to the multiplayer complaints from the first game.  You are now able to play couch co-op multiplayer and work on the kingdom together.  This is a true drop in drop out co-op experience, which fits very nicely with the casual play style of the game.  You can also still play multiplayer over XBOX Live if that is your cup of tea.  Another big improvement is that certain bigger Keflings bring you the pieces you made at the workshops so you can work on where you want to build them, and not have to keep walking back and forth picking up all the pieces.  The last big improvement I noticed, was the ability to move buildings you already built, without having to tear them down.  A simple  push of the “Y” button will push the building in whatever direction you want.

Overall, A World of Keflings has improved on all aspects of the original game.  If you were a fan of a Kingdom for Keflings, you will very much enjoy this game.  If you have never played the original, check out the free demo and see if this casual type of gameplay can help you calm down after killing everyone in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Enjoy the launch trailer below:

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Title : A World of Keflings
Format : XBLA
Developer : NinjaBee Games
Publisher : Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date : 12/22/10

*A code for this game was provided to from Microsoft Games Studios