With all the excitement around Uncharted 3, the team at Naughty Dog wants to let their fans know that Uncharted 2 is not forgotten.  For the next twelve days, Uncharted 2 multiplayer is running the Best of ‘The Lab’ multiplayer event that will feature a rotating playlist and will reward participants will 4X cash.  Those familiar with ‘The Lab’ know that it is a regular bi-weekly event meant to test out new settings for the multiplayer with unique gametypes.  For this holiday event, ‘The Lab’ is officially active from December 22, 2010 through January 3, 2011 and will feature the following gametype variations and active maps :

Gametypes :

  • Shotguns Only
  • Plunder Pistols Only
  • No Power Weapons
  • Desert-5 Shootout
  • Deathmatch – No Boosters

Maps :

  • The Lost City
  • The Plaza
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Temple

Found at the Naughty Dog blog

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