Chivalry Medieval Warfare is a PC-Exclusive, tactical first person slasher, with a strong focus on melee combat. The game is heavily influenced by films like Gladiator, Braveheart and 300. Chivalry may lack a single player component, put you will without a doubt sink hours into this challenging and highly competitive multiplayer game.

What makes this game stand out from the other slashers on the scene is the way combat is engaged. Left-Clicking the mouse does a horizontal slash, doing medium damage but a wide area of attack, best used to keep multiple opponents back. Down-Scrolling does the powerful overhead swing and Up-Scrolling unleashes the high reaching stab. All these attacks can be linked together in combos and, when utilised correctly, can utterly decimate foes.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Players can parry, dodge, jump and even duck under enemies attacks. When parrying, players have to aim the mouse to the tip of their opponent’s weapon to block the attack. Keep in mind your weapon is immediately lowered so timing is everything, parry too fast and you lower your guard, attack too fast and you’re open to a counter attack. This adds a whole new level of player interaction, making attacking just as challenging as defending.

Combat in Chivalry really shines in 1 vs 1 encounters. These battles are highly intense as every step and swing needs to be under control. However, have more than one attacker on you and you will quickly be flanked and decapitated, in spectacular fashion.

The game has a very high learning curve; it is VERY difficult to get a hang of. During the initial hours and 500th decapitation you may feel the need to throw your computer out the window, but trust me, it will get better.  For those under a lot of pressure, try changing the camera to third person or experimenting with the different weapons and classes.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

There are 4 classes to choose from; Archer, Man at Arms, Vanguard and Knight. The Archer is self-explanatory. They can wield a bow, crossbow or javelin and, with their secondary weapon being a dagger, they don’t last long in close encounters.  A cool feature with long range weapons is the option to follow your arrow or throwing axe by holding the mouse wheel. The Man at Arms is the fastest class, wielding a sword and shield and with the ability to dodge attacks, the MAA is effective in hit and run style combat, but can quickly be eliminated when facing greater numbers. Next is the Vanguard the more average class of the four, wielding a spear or bardiche, the Vanguard can keep enemies back while dishing out quick and powerful thrusts.  The Knight is the tank class, both dishing out and receiving high amounts of damage. A formidable presence on the battlefield and highly recommended for beginners.

The battles take place in numerous beautiful medieval locations, lush countryside’s, scarred battlegrounds, even a Roman arena. There is no shortage of immersive locations to get your limbs cut off in. Plus, the folks at Torn Banner Studios have promised players DLC is on the way, and all completely free!

Chivalry features all the classic multiplayer game modes; Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag.. But what they do different is the Team Objective game mode. In most games, this would see players holding a location for a certain period of time or escorting a VIP NPC across the map, but not in Chivalry. Chivalry goes a step further by putting you in the middle of a medieval battle. You are literally slaughtering peasants, burning crops, even poisoning the water supply; all things they would have done back in the day to storm a castle, good times.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

The game has a poor user-interface and at times you may sometimes find yourself lost or unaware of your objective. Combat sometimes can get annoying as the Field of Vision is often obscured, but that can be solved by switching to third person.

Like I said earlier Chivalry is very difficult to get to grips with and the tutorial is slow-paced and buggy. I strongly recommend looking up a few gameplay videos before purchasing.

Once past the initial hump however, Chivalry is an extremely rewarding multiplayer experience. Intense and hilariously fun, you will undoubtedly want to come back for more. Plus Torn Banner Studios have hinted at mod support, so it won’t be long till you’re fighting in Winterfell, Helms Deep or somewhere weird involving ponies and bacon, just saying.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Review Score : [starreview tpl=16] Title : Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Format : PC/Steam
Developer/Publisher : Torn Banner Studios
Release Date : Out Now

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